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About Justin

My calling for public service comes from growing up in a home where political issues were frequently discussed and debated. My father was a law professor and was on Bobby Kennedy’s justice department. My mother knew she wanted to be a public defender ever since she read To Kill a Mocking Bird. My parents named me Justin after the root word justice and Roman Emperor Justinian, the giver of laws.

My grandfather was in World War II, and was known as the colonel in his high school where he taught political science, and coached a winning football team. My grandmother was a librarian, who took an amazing dream and turned it into an award-winning novel called, “King Tuts Game Board.” I struggled with my own learning, being dyslexic, but turned a weakness into a strength by becoming a special education teacher.

I was brought up with a strong sense of public service, not private gain. Government is the answer to our problems. If legislators are properly representing the people through morale courage, tenacious integrity and empathy, we will all live the good life. Actions speak louder than words. We must not vote for people based on political talking points. We need to vote on what policies our leaders support or oppose. This won’t happen if people give in to cynicism and don’t vote. Politics is not a spectators sport; everyone must participate!

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